What was the Intervenor Services Human Resource Strategy?

Between 2015 and 2018, the Intervenor Services Human Resource Strategy (ISHRS) was a partnership between the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) and the agencies that provide Intervenor Services, towards the transformation of Intervenor Services in Ontario.

What was the overall goal and objectives of the ISHRS?

The overall goal of the ISHRS was to professionalize Intervenor Services, increase the availability of highly skilled staff, and improve the quality of Intervenor Services delivery to adults living with deafblindness in Ontario.

These were the key objectives of the ISHRS:

  • increased recruitment of intervenors;
  • improved onboarding process for intervenors;
  • improved access to professional development and training opportunities;
  • improved access to appropriate educational programs and certificates for people interested in training as intervenors;
  • enhanced retention of highly qualified intervenors; and,
  • stronger partnerships among key organizations including associations, colleges, agencies and ministries

How did the ISHRS achieve these objectives?

To accomplish these objectives, the ISHRS was overseen by a Steering Committee and four Sub-Committees: Behavioural Competencies Sub-Committee; Best Practices in Human Resources Sub-Committee; Education and Training Sub-Committee; and, Marketing and Communications Sub-Committee.  The committees focused on these key deliverables, respectively: development and implementation of behavioural competencies for Intervenor Services; development of best practices in human resources toolkit for Intervenor Services; development of technical competencies for Intervenor Services; and, development and implementation of a marketing and communications strategy for the Intervenor Services sector

How will the work of the ISHRS be sustained?

In the final year of the ISHRS, the ISHRS collaborated with MCSS and Intervenor Services agencies concerning a plan for sustainability.  As of April 2018, the work and leadership of the ISHRS is sustained through existing networks and partnerships, including the Deafblind Network of Ontario (DBNO).


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