Group photo of board members - Back row: Sherry Grabowski (CNIB), Laurie Marrissen (Lions McInnes House), Jennifer Robbins (CHKC), Roxanna Spruyt-Rocks (DeafBlind Ontario Services), Karen Chambers (Bob Rumball Centre of Excellence for the Deaf) First row: Megan McHugh (CNSDB), Marta Zaharia (IOO), Cathy Proll (CDBA), Lynne Osasuyi (WRMS), Kim Wrigley-Archer (member-at-large)

The Board is comprised of one (1) representative of each of the General Members, with each General Member having one (1) appointee on the Board. One (1) member will represent a person from the Deafblind community.

Board of Directors

Cathy Proll, Chair – Sensity Deafblind and Sensory Support Network of Canada

Jennifer Robbins, Vice Chair – Canadian Helen Keller Centre

Karen Chambers, Treasurer – Bob Rumball Centre for Excellence for the Deaf

Michael Dawthorne – Canadian Hearing Services (CHS)

Megan McHugh – Canadian National Society of the Deaf-Blind

Laurie Iorio, Secretary – Lions McInnes House

Betty Leeson – CNIB Deafblind Community Services

Lynne Osasuyi – W. Ross Macdonald School

Kim Wrigley Archer – Member at large

Marta Zaharia – Intervenor Organization of Ontario