An intervenor is a trained professional who acts as the “eyes” and “ears” of a person who is deafblind, providing specialized communications services and supports.

An intervenor facilitates the interaction of the person who is deafblind with other people and the environment. The intervenor provides information about the environment and what is happening (using receptive language), assists the individual who is deafblind to communicate (using expressive language), provides or develops concepts where necessary, confirms actions, assists with life skills and most importantly, assists the individual to achieve as much independence as possible within their situation. The intervenor takes direction from the individual who is deafblind.

Intervenors are leaders, problem solvers, creative, flexible, comfortable with touch and working with others.

 Intervenor signing to consumer

Where do Intervenors work?

Intervenors can work for one of several organizations that provide services and supports to people who are deafblind throughout Ontario.

The work with individuals who are deafblind can take place in the community, in residential or educational settings.


Why should I consider becoming an Intervenor?

Intervenors make a critical difference in the life of a person who is deafblind.

A career as an Intervenor can be a rewarding choice, filled with opportunities to learn, grow and contribute to the quality of life for people who are deafblind.


David – Intervenor

David – Intervenor (Descriptive Video)

Julie – Intervenor

Julie – Intervenor (Descriptive Video)