Over the course of the Intervenor Services Human Resources Strategy (ISHRS), the Intervenor Services sector was engaged to develop Technical and Behavioural Competencies for Intervenor Services, outlining the specific characteristics, traits, and technical skills required of outstanding intervenors. These competencies ensure a consistent, high standard of service for individuals who are deafblind across the province.

A competency is any skill, knowledge, behaviour or other personal characteristic that is essential to perform the job and that differentiates outstanding from typical performers.  Competencies are what outstanding performers do more often, in more situations, and with better results than typical performers.  There are two types of competencies:  behavioural and technical. Technical competencies are necessary to perform the job role; however, they are not the differentiating factors of performance.  While each is important, it is the behavioural competencies that truly differentiate superior from average performers.


Behavioural Competencies for Intervenor Services:

Behavioural competencies are the behaviours a person demonstrates in applying their knowledge and skills on the job.

To view the Behavioural Competencies for Intervenor Services, click here.


Technical Competencies for Intervenor Services:

An intervenor demonstrates technical competence by consistently using the necessary skills, knowledge and experiences to provide intervenor services to individuals who are deafblind.

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