Deafblind Network Ontario (DBNO) is a passionate group made up of individuals, organizations and service providers who work together for the improvement of services for Ontarians who are deafblind. The DBNO is committed to ensuring that all Ontarians who are deafblind have equal access to high-quality Intervenor Services.

The DBNO hosts Ontario’s single point of access to Intervenor Services for individuals who are deafblind. The DBNO is working in partnership with the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) to build a new framework.

The DBNO’s current work includes the very successful “Spirit of Intervenors” annual training symposium that brings together intervenors from across Canada and beyond, attended by approximately 250-300 people annually. The DBNO also promotes awareness of the disability of deafblindness by participating in the National Deafblind Awareness Month initiative.


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The importance of the Network cannot be understated. The field of deafblindness is small and the work is still great after so many years. One common voice is critical, and together the future can only be brighter.